Here are my various skills and specialisations
in translation from English to French:

I am specialised in information technology translation: I have been using a PC for more than 20 years and I am highly familiarised with this environment and its way of working. I have done so far many translations for companies specialised in networks, e-mails, servers, etc., but also for global companies such as Orange, Apple, Nokia Siemens Network, AVG Antivirus, etc.

I acquired a certain knowledge of high tech products by working for companies such as Pixmania, but also by translating manuals, press releases and other documents for various brands such as BenQ, Panasonic, Kenwood, JVC, Hitachi, etc.

I have a good knowledge of video games (PC and consoles). I have clients providing me numerous video games to translate.

I have also made translations for the magazine Runner's World, but also for a a luxury hotel in the Caribbean, the Australian embassy in France, a pavilion for Universal Exposition of 2010, for companies such as Mars, Auchan, Tassimo, Metro, Merisant, Canderel, PureVia Cémoi, etc. I have recently translated (among others) various documents and the advertising campaign for "Am I number 12?".